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We are EZ Pool Products, Inc. A California corporation. If you click on our company name, you will be taken to the California State Department's website, where you will see for yourself that we are a real corporate entity. Why is this important? Because it means we must follow all the rules and regulations governing corporations - both federal and state. It means we must file valid paperwork every year to verify that we are who we say we are. It means we have to have a legal representative the State and Federal government can contact whenever they need to. It means we have to file taxes. In other words, we are not a fly-by-night online retailer. This site is over five years old, and the company behind this website (EZ Pool Products, Inc.) is over six years old. And the founders of this company have over twenty years of experience with portable pools. Some of us were even there when the portable pool first got started in the US. Learn More about Our History >>
We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau®. What this means is we pay an annual fee to allow consumers who buy from us the right to report their experience with us.

Also BBB has verified that we are who we say we are. Because they are liable if they haven't verified us. In other words, many customers have bought from us just because we are a member of the BBB. Yet if they have a problem and we turned out to not be who we say we are - then BBB becomes liable. This is just another way to allow you to see our level of commitment to our EZ Pool Family.

We have also been verified and certified by both Google and Paypal. These are billion dollar companies we use for our online payments. These companies do not trust anybody. Before they would give us a dime, they crawled through our company, through our bank accounts, and our taxes even sent a representative to verify our physical location. They keep track of every sale and demand we present proof of delivery before they release funds to us. This is a big deal in that they protect EZ Pool Products from fraud (mainly to protect themselves). So when you buy online from our website, or even call us on the phone to place the order - please know that Paypal and Google have already done your work for you.
Lastly, consider this. Every picture of a pool on our website is ours. We do not sell anybody else's pool, only ours. You can clearly see we have made big pools and little pools. You can see people have put them indoors, outdoors and at convention centers. We've had our pools surrounded by a million dollars worth of electronics, lighting and camera equipment. We've had pools at schools, basements and in spaces so close they are only five feet from the customer's house. What all these pictures show you is that many customers before you have purchased our pools and have found them to be so durable and so reliable, that they have built very elaborate decks and landscapes around them, built pool houses around them, placed them indoors, and at trade shows. Why? Because they trusted us and now they trust their pool. We do our very best to make it EZ for you.
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