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There are several ways to look at an EZ Pool as being "Affordable", for there are in fact, many ways that an EZ Pool saves you money.

First off, we save you a lot of money on the initial purchase. For we offer one of the most affordable full-size portable swimming pool packages available. Our 7' x 12' Portable Pool Package comes complete with the pump, filter, ladder and all the fittings. It is 53" deep and starts at only $1,559.99.

Even as you start to look into some of our larger lap pools, family pools, event pools and really big pools, you will see that our pools are the most affordable complete swimming pool packages available. And if you consider that everything we sell is made right here in the US - you're not only getting a great price, but helping out the country's economy at the same time.

Another way that our portable EZ Pools will save you money is with regards to special installations. There are many customers that live in areas where the ground is solid bedrock, the water table is too high, they live on a slope or the local city will not allow them to dig down more than two feet. In all these types of cases, we have been able to save the customer a tremendous expense right from the very beginning. And in many other cases we were able to help them get a full-size pool even when a traditional in-ground pool would not work. This is another example of how our pools are very, very affordable.

An EZ Pool can actually continue to save you money. For example, a couple in New Mexico discovered that where they wanted to place their in-ground pool was on a hilltop that was shifting. That meant, that after they went through all the headache and expense to install an in-ground pool - every year they would have to drain and resurface the concrete. Because the ground was shifting, the concrete would crack. This was a $2000 to $3000 expense every year.

They took to the Internet, saw what we can do, then realized there was a way. They moved the pool site to the side of their deck. Assembled the pool inside a boxed-in area. Filled the pool, then layed flagstone across the top. When you sit out on to their decked patio, you see the pool and would swear it was in the ground. And no matter how the ground shifts, their EZ Pool would continue to do just fine - and not cost them any further more money.

Here's a swimming pool that would not exist had it not been for the durability and portability of an EZ Pool. This customer not only saved thousands of dollars on the initial purchase and install - but they continue to save thousands of dollars ever year by going with an EZ Pool.
Here is another example of how EZ Pools came to the rescue. This gentleman had three problems. 1.), Where he wanted to put the pool was very narrow and on the side of a hill. 2.) The city would not allow him to have a pool that was greater than a certain gallon capacity. 3.) The city would only allow him to dig down 18". The cost for him to go with a traditional in-ground was going to be more than 90% of his whole landscaping budget. He was not sure he was going to do it.

Then a friend, who had bought an EZ Pool, suggested he give us a call. He told us the situation, and we said (of course), "No problem." He ended up digging into the ground the allowed 18", assembled the pool in the area, then decked it off and finished the landscaping. The amount of money left over was greater than the cost of the pool, install and landscaping as a whole.

Here again we not only saved a customer thousands of dollars, but made it possible for him to have and enjoy a swimming pool in his (very narrow) back yard. Where as other portable pool retailers try to sell you what they have - we provide you with what you want - a quality, American made portable swimming pool in the size you want, with the accessories you want and at a price that is very, very affordable. EZ Pools, it's not just our name, it's our motto.

Another swimming pool that would not exist had it not been for the affordability of an EZ Pool. With the city restrictions, narrow backyard and the cost to put in an in-ground pool, this customer almost threw in the towel. But a friend who had an EZ Pool said "Give them a call." And now he has a pool.
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