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What Is a Dog Therapy Pool?

As one dog lover put it, "Dogs need love and therapy too." Of which we do not doubt. In this day and age of modern medicine, dogs are receiving the same replacements and surgeries as humans. And as such, they too need access to warm water for therapy to help them recover properly and fully. Learn More about Dog Therapy Pools >>>

Based on our years of warm water therapy pool use, we have developed a very simple and durable way to provide warm water therapy for a dog. Learn More About Us>>>

Read One Story of How Our Dog Therapy Pools Saved a Dogs Life >>

Where Would You Go for Canine Aquatherapy?

Veterinarians have discovered the benefits of warm water therapy for dogs as being both therapuetic and essential for a dog's recovery from surgery or injury. The ability to simply walk, jog, or lap swim within the body of warm soothing water can mean the difference to a dog's recovery. That's when we developed "doguatherapy". Learn More about Doguatherapy >>>

If your veterinarian told you today that your dog needed warm water therapy - also so known as "doguatherapy", where would you go to help your dog? Most community pools do not allow dogs to use the pools and dog therapy pool locations are very minimal or very expensive. As a dog lover, you want to help your dog. Go Here to Learn More >>>

A Proven Track Record?

We have been providing warm water therapy pools to customers for over eleven years. And in that time we have had reports of amazing recoveries solely becase the customer had access to deep warm water therapy daily. As one customer put it "An hour or two a day in my therapy pool gets me through the whole day pain free."

Really its about access to the water therapy on a daily basis that makes it such a valueable tool. To go only a couple of times week doesn't help enough - it is the ability to do it daily that makes it so important to our customers.

And with our dog therapy pools, we can provide that same level of relief for dogs as well. In fact, you could even say we've gone to the dogs. But not all dogs are the same. Learn More Here >>>

Pictures courtesy of Shari Seymour
Access to In-Home Water Therapy

Simply put, the growing use of warm water therapy has proven to be a tremendous success for dogs - but the availability has not kept up with the demand. Our affordable in-home therapy pools for dogs start at only $419 >>>. We can lower the pool wall to make it easier to lift a dog up and over, as well as modify an existing design to fit your available area. So now if your veterinarian prescribes aquatherapy for your dog you will have an option available to you that is both affordable and EZ.

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