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An EZ Pool is very easy to assemble and so portable, that it can add to any outdoor event, parking lot sale and/or product demonstration event.
The real benefit that EZ Pools provides, over all other portable pool retailers, suppliers and manufacturers - is that we have th capability to provide you with any size pool, any depth, any color in the same amount of time as our regular portable pools - and usually for a whole lot less money than anybody else.

All our portable pools are made right here in the United States, so we won't cause your even any delays at all. In fact, we have even picked up business from our competitor's just because we culd make the right pool in the right amount of time. Because in business time is money.

Whatever your outdoor event is, you will probably be able to create greater foot traffic, greater product exposure and enjoy a far greater increase in sales, just by adding a portable pool to it. And not just any portable pool, but a portable event pool that can be any color, any depth, any size and ready in the timeframe you want it in. That's EZ.
Nothing Fishy About Our Portable Event Pools

Another use of our portable event pools has been with various water based experiments. As an example, we had a company that was developing some special algae for growth and they needed a number of pools to make the experiment work. Because of the limited space they had to work with, we were the only portable retailer that could provide them with an affordable portable pool that was deep enough, yet small enough to fit in the tight space they had for their project.

In another case, we were contacted by the Arizona Fish and Game. They wanted to conduct some experiments to see how the changing conditions of water (brought on by pollution) impacted the spawning of fish. They bought three portable pools from us, set them side by side, and added fish. Over time they would add pollutants to two of the pools and measure the effects on mating. This experiment took several years and our pools did just fine for them.

So you see, a portable pool does not need to be a pool to help somebody with their needs. If you have any water-based project, chances are we can help that project and save you a lot of money as well.

Pre-Season Sale. If you order between now and before April 1, 2018 your complete portable EZ Pool package will include, at no extra charge, a Free Floating Skimmer and a Free 1HP 50 Sq Ft Upgrade. This only applies to Package purchases made between March 15, 2018 andand before April 1, 2018. Check out our Sale Now >>
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