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Tips On Winterizing Your EZ Portable Pool
We hope you have enjoyed your EZ Pool this summer. Did you know that you could drain, dis-assemble and store your pool for the winter? Unlike conventional above-ground pools, an EZ portable pool can be drained and stored without any shrinking or damage to the vinyl liner. Just be sure to store the liner and pool parts in a shed or garage so as to prevent exposure to freezing temperatures. If a pool liner freezes in a folded position it can impact the liner. Click Here to Learn More about How Portable an EZ Pool Really Is >>

However, if you prefer to just leave your EZ Pool up, well, that is no problem too. Our portable pools are so durable, that the pool can actually freeze solid without any damage to the liner, the frame or the pool.


Unlike traditional above-ground pools, an EZ Pool does not need to be drained partially for winterization. Traditional metal-sided pools need this to prevent damage to the fragile frame and liner used with those old-fashioned above-ground pools. Whereas an EZ Pool can withstand freezing solid and without lowering the water depth.

A Few Tips: However it is very important to remove the ladder, the pump, the filter, the hoses, and any other accessories from the pool. Be sure the gate valves are closed, as this will prevent the water from flowing out when you detach the hoses.

Plumbing Plugs Available: You can also purchase plumbing plugs for your EZ Pool as well. These plumbing plugs fit on the inside of the pool and allow you to remove the Gate Valves so that nothing is protruding from the side of the pool. During freezing temperatures, the Gate Valves become frozen as well and if some one accidentally knocks them, they may crack. This crack will not reveal itself until spring when you develop a leak form the cracked valve.

An Important Item: A PoolGard® Pool Cover is ideal for winterizing your EZ pool as it is weather-treated to withstand freezing temperatures and is made to fit your pool size specifically. Contact EZ Pools for more information about other accessories.


Most of the pool accessories (such as your pump/filter, ladder, skimmer, solar cover, etc) are made of plastic, PVC and various types of plastic components. If left outside, these components can become brittle and eventually break. Though they are replaceable, this type of damaged is not covered under warranty. It is best to pack all your pool items in a shed or garage away from exposure to freezing temperatures, to ensure the longest life possible for the various accessories.

Beware of Rodents: We can not explain it, but little mice and other rodents are attracted to the PVC/vinyl smell. They have been known to nibble through plastic parts. So if you do store your pool package, be sure to elevate it from the ground and, if possible, away from nibbling little gremlins.


Most winterizing chemicals are designed for the much more fragile and non-reinforced vinyl-liners used in the traditional metal-sided above-ground pools. These weaker liners will become brittle in the freezing cold, so they add conditioners to the water to reduce this. Winterizing chemicals are not necessary in an EZ Pool - but you may need to re-shock the water next spring. Whenever a question crops up about water treatment, consult your local swimming pool store. Many of them are trained in pool chemistry and can test your water and advise what chemicals to use you may need for your area.

Helpful Tip: Be sure to inform them that you are using the chemicals for a vinyl liner. There are some chemicals that are very harsh on vinyl liners and really only intended for concrete pools. If you are not sure, just ask us and we'll advise accordingly.


The worse thing that we at EZ Pools have ever seen, when a customer winterizes a portable pool, is the gate valves get knocked, damaged or break off. This causes the water, underneath the top layer of frozen ice in the pool, to drain out. When this happens with other portable pool brands,customers are unaware of this drainage and a strong gust of wind comes and lifts up the pool. But our 25 years of experience with portable pools has taught us this, so our EZ Pools have the plumbing openings on the pool liner placed at about halfway up so at least half the water remains in the pool if this happens. Thus preventing a wind storm from lifting up an EZ Pool.

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