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Yes We have That Size, Depth and/or Color

All our pools are made for us right here in the good 'ol US of A. We do not import from overseas, nor do we export your hard-earned money. When you buy from us, your money stays right here to help other American companies. Because we keep everything local, we are able to offer custom pools at essentially the same affordable pricing as our regular pool packages. And they generally do not take that much longer to make either.

A Pool for Any Space

We provide some of the narrowest footprints available. What's a footprint? Essentially the amount of space your pool needs to fit. Because we can modify our existing pool packages, we are able to help people convert narrow, unused portions of their yard into a wonderful swimming pool playground.

Because we are in complete control of the pools made for us, we can narrow or shorten any one of our pool packages and for less money than you might think. For example: this picture is in an area of a customer's yard that was really of no value to them. Then they found our website and made the pool a part of their landscape project without sacrificing any of the yard they had planned to landscape (see below).

The Difference Between Custom and Modified

There is a big difference between custom and modified. Many customers do not need a custom pool, they just would like to modify one of our existing affordable pool packages.

For example: let's say you like our 7' x 17' Portable Pool Package. The footprint for this pool is 9.5' x 19.5'. Now let's say the area that you want to place the pool is only 8.5' wide. Then to accommodate your needs, the pool would be modified to fit that space. So instead of a 7' x 17', you would have a swimming area that was 6' x 17'. Plus any accessories you ordered with your pool (ie: pool cover, rimgard, etc.) would also be modified to fit the new dimension. Now here's the really amazing part - There is No Additional Charge For This Kind of Modification.

So What's a Custom Pool?

Basically, if you need a pool with a special depth, that's custom and we do have to charge a fee for that. For a special depth quote, contact us with your request and we will do our best to make it as affordable as possible.

Yes We are Very Colorful

Which is to say we are full of color options for your pool. This is a really unique feature about a portable EZ Pool. We can provide you with the option of choosing between 15 different colors. Our standard pool color is sky blue, but we can make you a black pool - we've done it. We can make you a gray pool - we've done it. We can make you a lime green pool, which we have done for Hollywood special effects. We have even made a pink portable pool for a woman who wanted a giant Barbie® doll pool.

Again, we are trying to reinforce the theme that we are not just your average run of the mill portable pool retailer. We are the very reason why you are looking at a portable pool in the first place. If you have Read Our History, then you know we launched portable pools in America and continue to push the boundaries with regards to everything portable pool related. So no matter what your portable pool request is, you will always hear from us "Yes We Can."

Understand your Footprint.

Every EZ Pool package has the pool specs listed on the ordering page. This tells you the minimum width and length that that size pool needs. Measure the area that you want to place the pool in, be sure to measure both the width and length of the area. Then compare this to the pool package you are looking at. To get the most pool for your pool site area, you can calculate it this way: you measured an 8.5' wide by 17.5' length pool site area. Your swimming area would be 6' x 15' (8.5' x 17.5 pool site then minus 2.5' for the support struts). Now we do not charge for modifing down from a pool size. But we do not modify up. In other words, the best price for a portable pool package to fit the above pool site area would be the 7' x 17'.

If you have any questions, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be happy to quote you a price or let you know which pool package we have that best suits your needs.

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