Tina Andrew & Family

17’ x 87’ Professional Lap Pool

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    What do you do when your son is a natural born swimmer and could someday rival the likes of Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz? Well, you train him. In the case of the Andrew family, it was that passion and drive that led them to turn a run down Night Club in South Dakota into a state of the art Swim Club, using our pool (click to read more). Since then, their son has gone on to break records throughout the region.

    However, Tina and family had had enough with the brutal winters there. So they sold their Swim Club facility (Aberdeen Aquaholics) and moved to Kansas - but they needed another pool to keep Michael’s Olympic hopes alive. So they again turned to EZ Pools to develop one of the most sophisticated Olympic-Standard personal portable swimming pools ever created. From scratch to completion, this was an amazing project. And we look forward to Michael Andrew making it to the Olympics.