We have never spoken to Jutta Braun over the phone. 100% of our communication has been through emails. Jutta lives in Germany and now, thanks to EZ Pools, has her very own swimming pool. We think this case represents a classic example of how dependable EZ Pools are for customers throughout the world.

The Braun Family

7’ x 17’ EZ Lap Pool

Hello from Germany again,

The spare part arrived, very quickly and I just assembled my pool. It was really easy. Please would you take a look if my pool is assembled in the right way. Thank you for the help.
Jutta Braun

Legal Notice: These pictures were provided to EZ Pool Products, Inc. by our customers. If anyone finds these pictures anywhere else on the internet with false or misleading information, please contact us immediately.

Update: Hi everyone, here are some pictures using the world’s best pool. My friends an one of my godchild. Many greetings from Germany.