This was a very unique challenge. Mark Donati’s son was on a Swim Team that was having trouble getting access to Olympic size pools for his son’s practice. As he states it, “There are five times as many junior Olympic swim teams than there are heated Olympic pools in Georgia”. So he set out to come up with a solution. Mark got himself access to an abandon warehouse for three years for free. But there were pylons in the center of warehouse dividing the floor space. He needed at least four Olympic lanes (8’ wide) by 25 meters (82’). What we purposed is setting two 12’ x 82’ pools side by side, straddling the pylons with one heater feeding both pools. Work out great.

The Donati Family

12’ x 82’ EZ Pool

It all worked out great Simon, thank you so much for the idea and the help. Between the pools and the warehouse the kids should be able to win a lot of tournaments. Keep an eye out for my boy in the summer Olympics (finger’s crossed).

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