The Eisberg Family

7’ x 12’ Lap Pool

Legal Notice: These pictures were provided to EZ Pool Products, Inc. by our customers. If anyone finds these pictures anywhere else on the internet with false or misleading information, please contact us immediately.

Thank-You EZ pools and Sam Soliman for sending the gate vales. Pool is up and running and NO More dripping valves. I also wanted to send some photos for of our pool and how we set it up. We continue to change the landscaping around the pool. 
Thanks again

Don & Jane Eisberg


    We are now in the middle 8th season and it is always fun to hear back from customers who are continuing to enjoy their pool. This demonstrates both the durability of the EZ Pool as well as the loyalty customer have with our product. In the case of the Eisberg, they sent us some new pictures of their backyard “oasis” that demanded we create another webpage for them. We just love how creative people get with our pools.