The Leahly Family

7’ x 17’ EZ Lap Pool

Legal Notice: These pictures were provided to EZ Pool Products, Inc. by our customers. If anyone finds these pictures anywhere else on the internet with false or misleading information, please contact us immediately.

    We always enjoy showcasing what our customers do with their EZ Pools. It not only inspires others to do the same thing - but it also shows dreamers that something can be done, affordably, even when others say it can’t be done. In the case of the Leahly family, the city would not let them put in a pool. Too close to the water. So they came upon our website, saw what others had done, and go inspired. In the end, they were able to put a hole in their existing deck, place an EZ Pool, then cap it off. The net result is an in ground pool where they said it could not be done. What are you going to do?