The Morales Family

7’ x 12’ Family Pool

Legal Notice: These pictures were provided to EZ Pool Products, Inc. by our customers. If anyone finds these pictures anywhere else on the internet with false or misleading information, please contact us immediately.

    We love making dreams a reality. Yards these days are just getting smaller and smaller, and few pools will fit (except for those really cheap throw-away pools). But we still provide the highest-quality full-size small pool possible. And the Morales backyard is exactly the type of yard its made for. Small but’s that for an oxymoron.

Thanks so much for such a wonderfully made product. I never thought I would ever have a pool , because of the way my backyard was laid out. But when I saw your product that was so affordable to custom size. l knew , I could have a pool in my life.....Really EZ Pool was really easy to build. I had it up and filling in about 45 min.( that includes the filtration system). Talk about the filtration system, it worked great , and it was powerful. Thanks to the free upgrade to the one HP pump. Here are some before and after shots..... I'm glad I didn't have to loss my BBQ Grill and deck in the process.
               Thanks a lot