When we started EZ Pool Products, Inc. there was really nobody doing what we wanted to do: Provide Quality American-Made, Made to Order, Portable Swimming Pools. Oh sure, there were and are lots of retailers selling pools from China, Brazil, Korea, Italy and the like - but nobody really empowered the customer with ability to design their own portable pool. And that is still the case today. We are the only ones providing you with the ability to design and create your own portable pool to fit the space you have available.

    We at EZ Pools have been involved with some amazing and truly unique swimming pool projects. Very long lap pools, in-ground lap pools, big event pools, small pools, deep pools, shallow pools, and a variety of colors. We have had some unique challenges also, like very narrow areas, partially in ground pools, pools on the side of a hill, even pool’s being made to fit the specs of a pre-existing pool that needed to be replaced. Simply perusing our website, one can quickly see that we have made all types, shapes and colors of pools. But there is far more than this. In fact our database of pictures from happy customers has gotten so large we have had to redesign our website to accommodate them.

    This is the front page of our EZ Pool Family dedicated showcase. Some of these pictures you may have seen on our website, but most of them have not been used yet. We hope you will enjoy reading their stories and seeing their pictures.

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