Matt Scoggins had a problem. The pool that his swim team had been using was being demolished, so that a newer and larger pool would be in its place. But the whole process was going to to take over  a year. They needed a temporary lap pool for their swim team or hundreds of kids would miss out on the swimming practice and fall behind the league. Enter EZ Pools and within  a few weeks they set the pool up on the Tennis Courts of the high school for about 9 months. In the end they donated to a poor school in Mexico (as we are told).

The Scoggins Family

28’ x 82’ EZ Lap Pool

Really a great idea. We had never heard of anything like this until we found you. Thank God we did too, because it was really looking hopeless. Here some pics for you.

Legal Notice: These pictures were provided to EZ Pool Products, Inc. by our customers. If anyone finds these pictures anywhere else on the internet with false or misleading information, please contact us immediately.

Updates: Thank you Simon for the follow up. Yes, because of the use of your pool, our small team won the State Championship at the Seasonal Club Meet this past summer.  They have a large team division and small team division and we won the latter.  Thanks!
 Matthew G Scoggins