In 2009 we received a call from Steve Parry of England. Steve is an Olympic Bronze Metal swimmer who bested Michael Phelps in 2004 (Click to read his blog). He was responsible for developing more swimming awareness throughout the UK and he had a project coming up that only our type of pool could handle for him. In the city of Coventry, there was a fitness facility with a brand new in ground pool that was already falling apart. They need to shut it down and re-do the whole pool. This project would take 4-5 months. The facility needed a temporary 25 meter pool for their members, so they called Steve Parry’s company “Total Swimming”.

    In August of 2010, EZ Pool Products and Total Swimming set up a 10m x 25m four Olympic Lane pool outside in a portable building. While the pool was up, every single school council throughout the UK came to witness this new product. For all of them are required to have their own 25m swimming pool, and this was the least expensive option available. You can read more about this event by clicking here.

Total Swimming

10m x 25m (32’ x 82’)

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