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Because of the incredible liner material we use with our EZ Pools, our pools are incredibly forgiving with regards to the type of ground they can be placed upon, can tolerate being a few inches out of level and can either be left up to freeze solid or taken down, packed away and stored for the winter without any damage to the liner.
One of the biggest drawbacks to the old vinyl-lined, metal-sided, above-ground pools of yesterday - is that the pool had to be placed on sand. Otherwise, the grass, weeds or other plants would grow right through the liner.

That is not the case with an EZ Pool. Our portable pools are so flexible that you can place them on pretty much any type of level surface. This makes assembling an EZ Pool that much easier. Now all you have to do is roll out the liner, snap a few parts together and start filling.

A common question is, what if there are rocks underneath the liner. Our assembly instructions do advise you to remove large debris and cap off any sprinklers in the proposed pool site area. But if you missed a small rock, and only after you fill the pool you discover it - don't worry, it will not hurt the pool.

When the pool is filled with water, the floor will essentially vacuum seal over whatever ground surface you have. So though the rock will be felt when you walk on it, the liner will not wear or rub against it (because of the water weight). Plus, because of water depth, you are not putting your entire body weight on it. Agreed it would be better to remove all the rocks, debris and whatnots, but if it happens - at least you know your pool will be fine.

And because we don't have hard ridged walls like metal sided pools, an EZ Pool Can Tolerate Being a Few Inches Out-of-Level no problem. Truth is, there is no way to predict what your ground will do when you place 20,000 pounds of water pressure on top of it. There may be pockets of soft soil under your ground, or just some normal compacting. So even after you level the ground and prepare it for the pool - it still may end up a few inches out of level. So how can you know if this is going to happen? Well if the ground you are setting the pool on has been in place for more than 4-5 years (meaning it is not brand new fill dirt) then probably it has already compacted just from exposure to rain and use. But if you do end up needing to level the ground - it is always better to dig down than to build up.
Another common question is, can the pool freeze? Yes, solid. Year after year without issue. Now we do recommend you remove the ladder and pump and filter (as they have plastic parts that will become brittle over time). But the pool itself can freeze solid. We do make a pool cover that will help you cover the pool if you are planning to leave it up.

Now, if you would rather, you can easily drain the pool, disassemble and fold it up, and put it away for the winter. This too has no ill effect on the pool liner. But be sure to put the liner, ladder and accessories in a garage or some area covered as it is best not to let the pool freeze folded.

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