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A Brief History of Portable Pools in America.

So, who are we? Well, we are the very reason you are looking at a portable pool. Allow us to explain.

In The Beginning.
In 1988, we helped introduce America to the very first soft-sided, single-layered portable swimming pool. It was called the "Knock-Down", user-friendly, do-it-yourself, portable pool - which was later shortened to simply the KD Pool®. (Most people don't know what the KD stands for - we do, we helped invent it.)

The Italian Connection
At the 1992 International Pool and Spa Expo, in Atlanta, a small Italian company was introducing America to their version of a portable pool. Luigi, the founder of Splash in Italy, sold the rights to his product to an American company and Splash SuperPools® was born . KD and Splash worked together and formed an informal alliance. Since they only made rectangle pools and we only made round pools, it made sense to work together to cultivate and educate dealers about the value a portable pool offers.

The Royalty Series
As the dealer market became more familiar with the values a portable pool offered them, KD launched a new line of pools - the Royalty Series. It was the very first time a lifetime warranty (against ripping and tearing only) had ever been offered. When we launched the Royalty Series we had already known that the type of material used in making portable pools was constructed in a way that it actually resisted ripping and tearing - unlike the non-reinforced vinyl liner material used in conventional above-ground, metal-sided pools which can easily rip or tear. Sales of the KD pool were increasing so rapidly that our factory in Korea had to sub-contract work to Mr. Chois, who later entered the American pool market with his own pool - Chois Pool

Zodiac - the Boat People
In 1998, Zodiac bought KD Products, Inc. However, for whatever reason, they decided to not purchase the KD factory (in Korea). Instead, they decided to have the future of KD built by the Chinese. Though all of us that were involved with the creation of the KD Pool tried to help Zodiac, we all quickly realized it was not the way we wanted to go.

Enter Advantage
The Korean factory was a bit shocked that they had been passed over by Zodiac. So they decided to enter the American market on their own. Their first company, Portable Industries Corporation (a.k.a PIC), lauched the PIC pool. One of the very first resellers of this product was Advantage Manufacturing. Advantage, which specialized in pump and filter packages, worked a deal with the Korean company. In 1999, Advantage offered the pool and spa dealer a 16' round pool package for half the price of what KD had been offering dealers for years. It was an instant success. Soon dealers all across the nation were offering this inexpenisve 16' round pool package - which is why today the 16' round pool market is so saturated. (And why Intex from China chose that size to copy - that's why the first Intex pool looks so much like the early KD pool. See For Yourself >>).

Enter doughboy®
One of the biggest obstacles we had been facing when we introduced the KD pool in 1988, was the apprehension of above-ground pool retailers to sell it. Traditional metal-sided above-ground pools had been around for over 70 years. They and their dealers viewed the portable pool as just a passing fad. So in late 1999, we approached the original KD pool manufacturer (in Korea) and helped form a new company called Portable Pools Incorporated. One of the very first deals that was struck was with doughboy®, the most recognizable name in the pool industry. They had just hired a new president who recognized the value of the portable pool - and the Pearl Wave™ was born.

The Portable Pool's Legacy
We are not me-too thinkers. We are the very essence of the creative American spirit. So in 2000 we decided to raise the bar again in the portable pool industry. We columinated all the improvements we have made with the portable pool and introduced the Legacy Portable Pool. It was the very first portable pool to offer; an oval-shape, a 52" depth, and a unique marblized liner pattern. The name "Legacy" was used because it truly represented the very best of what we had achieved. And it was a tribute to all of us that created the portable pool market in America.

Enter...Everybody Else
As is the case in every industry, once there is a success for one company, many more enter into the market. Where there used to be only one, now there are many. In fact, many of the once apprehensive above-ground pool companies have at one point or another offered their own portable pools - companies like doughboy® (the Pearl Wave), Secard (the Legend Pool), Cornelius Pools (the Quik-Set Pool), SCP (the Dynasty Pool), and Intex®. Though we welcomed them into the market place we are saddened that they merely mimmicked the Legacy Pool name - not the innovative spirit.

Why We Are America's Favorite Portable Pool
Like the old saying goes; "If you want anything done right, you have to do it yourself." So we formed an American based manufacturer of portable pools and in 2004 we formed EZ Pool Products, Inc.

We at EZ Pools have created the market and have continued to guide it and lead the way with new and innovative ideas. Today eCommerce and the Internet are shaping the way people shop, compare and buy products. We've led the charge to create the most secured and reliable sources for quality portable pool packages today - and make them available throughout the world. Collectively, we have sold more portable pools than anybody else on the planet. And with each new idea we unveil, we are quickly copied - which is a compliment in itself. And now we are again raising the standard. We are a Proud Member of the Better Business Bureau®, and offer exclusive portable pool accessories and in fact, offer more portable pool options than all our competitors combined. Virtually everything you have been looking for in a quality portable pool, lap pool, therapy pool, custom portable pool and portable event pool is now available to you at one online source. Plus, we offer an infinite list of portable pool sizes, offer a variety of patterns, choices and options.

Therapy Pools for Personal Use
We are also proud to present the world's most affordable, portable Therapy Pool for Personal Use. Every doctor in the world will tell you the benefits of warm water aqua-therapy. Not only for a speedy recovery, but hydro-therapy is also excellent for fast relief from muscle and joint pains, for relief from ailments brought on by exercise, daily grind or just plain ol' fashioned age. And unlike conventional spas, a therapy pool from EZ Pools offers up to 60" of warm water depth with unobstructed room to stretch, exercise, and just feel better.

Thank You for Your Time.

Disclaimer - the above information is presented as a resume. We make no claim of ownership or responsibliity for any of the above-mentioned companies. All trademarks are registered and owned by their respective companies.
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