Our Response to the Fraudulent Consumer Alert at Arthurs Pools

ABOUT US: We are commited to providing quality all American-Made products and exceptional support.

ABOUT OUR PRODUCT: Everything we sell is made for us by American Fabricators, Manufacturers, and/or Suppliers. We start with a quality, durable liner material provided by the Seamans Corporation. Though we could buy liner material cheaper in other countries, our 20 years of experience have proven that it is impossible to monitor the consistent quality of imported items. So dealing with an American company insures lasting durability for you, for us and for those to come.
We also only use American-Made quality steel provided to us by US Wholesale. This product is galvanized and zinc-plated and is the very best for providing lasting and consistent quality. These two companies represent the basis of our quality well-made product. We also use a variety of American Based Fabricators who customize the quality product we provide you. This is under the guidance of our vast Experience.

ABOUT OUR WEBSITE: Every picture on our website is provided to us by our customers. Our family of EZ Pool Owners have discovered that our lasting quality American-Made products can withstand a variety of uses and settings. But we also provide you with a variety of accessories found only through us. This is further proof that we are as we say - a One Stop Source for All Your Portable Pool Needs.

AS TO ARTHURS CLAIMS: Because we are the leading online retailer of portable pools, lap pools and therapy pools, (and as any front runner will attest to) mud-slinging from competitor's happens. Usually we ignore it. But the so-called consumer alert being posted by Arthurs Pools (at www.arthurspools.com) is about him not us. We are an online retailer that sell complete portable pool packages consumer direct. We have NEVER done business with Arthurs Pools or any other dealer. The facts being put forth by Arthurs Pools (aka Arthur's Toys) have nothing to do with us. Unfortunantely, the legal actions required to get this guy to remove this malicious smear takes longer than the swimming pool season. So let’s talk about it.

ABOUT THE CONSUMER ALERT: First, let's consider the validity of the claim. If this were in fact a real consumer alert - shouldn't it be found on some kind of government run consumer advocacy group - instead of a competitor? Would it also be fair to ask that if our products were as faulty as Arthurs Pools would have you believe, would not criminal charges be filed against us? Would not every District Attorney be on our tail? But even more importantly, would not there be more indepentant evidence to support his claim? Though we would like to say we are perfect, we admit that we have had some bumps along the way - but nothing like what he puts forth.

ABOUT ARTHUR'S POOLS: Now let's consider the source of this smear. According to the Better Business Bureau, the website www.arthurspools.com is owned by Arthur’s Toys. You can verify this yourself at the Fresno Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau will show you that they are not a member, have an "F" rating and have an ever-growing number of unaswered complaints against them. Woody Bryant, owenre and operator of Arthur's Pools, states that the Better Business Bureau is a sham - why? Because he doesn't want his history and customer experience to be known to unsuspecting buyers. If you research Arthur’s Toys you will discover their corporate license has been suspended - in 1966. You can verify this with the California Corporate Records (Type in "Arthurs Toys" and see for yourself). Also, consider the products sold at www.arthurspools.com and his myriad of other websites. If you ever called them with a warranty claim, (or click to read their Policy here) you will see they refer you to the manufacturer of the pool you bought. Okay, as you may already know from Our History, Portable Pools Inc produced the Legacy Pool. This company is bankrupt and no longer available for warranty support. Arthurs Pools also sells Laguna and Malibu portable pools they bought from Max Pools Inc – a company that is also bankrupt. Now Arthur's Pools claims that they are dealing with a new company called "Legacy Pools Inc") - there is no such company registered with the California. Arthurs Pools also sells doughboy portable pools. Well these pools are also sold without warranty as Hoffinger Industries (a California Corporation) has filed chapter 11, forfeited their corporate license, and is also unable to service any warranty claims for this pool. Verify for yourself each of the above claims about each of the companies we’ve listed at www.ss.ca.gov/business.

SO WHY IS HE ATTACKING REALLYEZPOOLS?: For years Arthur's Pools was unopposed in the internet world. We have quickly risen to dominace in the search engines. He can't beat our prices, he can't beat our quality, and he absolutely can not beat our capabilities - so he smears us, just like they do in politics. Those pictures he uses provide tremendous shock value, but when you let the dust settle, and start to look at us versus them - you'll see Why We Have Such a High Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Thank you for your time.