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affordable portable pools
One of the biggest differences between a portable pool and a traditional swimming pool is the ease of assembly. Where the old-style pools of yesteryear can take days, weeks and even months to assemble, an EZ Pool takes only minutes. In fact, the average family can have a really EZ Pool up and ready for water in less than 1 hour. Take some time to get to know us, get to know our pools, Our Company and Our History - and see for yourself why so many people buy from EZ Pools. And yes We Do Have Every Size Imaginable >>
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The term "green" is not always a good thing when it comes to swimming pools. But in this ever-increasing demand for eco-friendly products - we are happy to say that Our American-Made EZ Pools have always been a very environmentally-safe, earth-friendly and "green" product - even from the very beginning.

An EZ Pool is the Most Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool available today

And not just environmentally-friendly but also very economically-friendly as well. Though we do offer a variety of environmetally-safe options, an EZ Pool is just naturally very Earth-Safe. Read More to Learn How and Why >>

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durable portable pools
Really EZ Pool?
More Like Really Frozen Pool

Well, it's that time again and the summer has passed us by, and now it is time to get ready for winter. For those of you who have your EZ Pool outdoors, you can consider two options. You can either leave your pool up and winterize it. To learn more about Winterizing >>

Or you can take it down, pack it away and store it for the winter. That is one of the most valueable features of a portable pool from EZ Pools. You can either leave it up and it can freeze solid - or drain it and pack it away. Both without damage to the pool liner or frame.

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Our Pools Can Take a Beating

One of the most common questions we get is, just how durable are our portable pools? Actually, an EZ Pool is more durable than a traditional above-ground metal-sided pool. Ever see anybody take a sledge hammer to one those? See a Video of How Durable Our Portable Pools Really Are >>

The American company we get our liner material from uses this material to make military inflatable boats, giant tents and those flying blimps you see hovering over thousands of people at sporting events. So you can see just how durable the material has to be. Learn more about our Durable Pools >>

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Make Your Pool Dreams a Reality - For Less

As people begin to learn about our lasting durability and begin to understand the greater flexibility our portable pools provide, they begin to create ways to save money. In these changing economic times, many people are thinking that a dream of owning a pool is too expensive. Yet, if you look at our affordable portable pool packages, at the endless pool sizes, accessories and options we offer - you can quickly realize that yes your dream of a pool is still possible. From narrow lap pools to wider family pools to even the huge Olympic-style swimming pools we've made, we not only have the experience you are looking for - but all the answers too. Learn more about our Portable Lap Pools >>
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EZ Pools is often times a customer's first choice for a variety of reasons. In the case of Skai Session of Switzerland, it was us and no one else. Skai was putting a Million Dollar Wake-Boarding/Fashion Show/Rock Concert Event in Germany. They needed two huge portable pools as this event was to be the first of many. They did their research and called us. The show was a huge success, and EZ Pools made it happen. Learn more about this Portable Pool Event >>
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The Right Pool - The Right Size

We have every size imaginable. Hard to believe? Well, consider this, our pools are made to order. We do not stock a limited number of sizes, instead we make the size that you want. We have certain sizes available in packages at very affordable prices - but any one of these pools can be modified to fit your needs. Let's say you like the 7' x 17' portable pool package, but your yard area is only 8' wide. No problem, we'll modify the pool width so that the footprint will fit within your area. Oh and we won't take 8 weeks to do it either. Modifications do not add any time to your pool's order. No other pool retailer can offer you that. So yes we DO offer every size imaginable. Learn more about our Custom Portable Pools >>

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The Right Size Pool for Any Size Family

We not only offer the greatest selection of quality American made portable swimming pool sizes, but we also offer the largest amount of portable pool options and accessories. Pool covers, pools lights, skimmers, various pump and filter options, and a variety of other neat items to help you turn your backyard into a swimming pool recreational playground. And what better way to spend those hot summer days, than in the privacy and security of your own backyard. Stay home this summer, buy a pool from us, and enjoy a summer vacation for a whole lot less money. Learn more about our Affordable Portable Pools >>

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Really Big Pools for Really Big Needs

The concept of a portable swimming pool has moved out of the backyard and is fast becoming the pool of choice for swimming professionals. With construction costs rising and the economy shrinking, more and more swim clubs are looking at a really ez pool versus the costs of a large commercial in-ground pool. After all, all you are looking to do is to swim, to practice and to do it for the least amount of money possible. Our really big portable pools can provide all the features of the larger commercial size pools - for about 1/10th the cost. Learn more about our Big Portable Pools >>

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We Have Made Swimming Pools Easy
In fact, if you've read our history then you've already learned that we're the whole reason why you are even considering a portable pool. We've been a part of some amazing projects - and we'd like to help you with yours.
Thirty years ago, the term "portable pool" was an oxymoron - after all, how can a swimming pool be portable? But families all across the globe started to quickly realize that what a portable pool means is a full-size swimming pool that can be assembled, by the average family, in less than one hour. From carton to completion in less than one hour? That was new and that saves customers thousands.

We admit our first pools were pretty basic, but over the years we have made some dramatic improvements. Today we are able to offer you all the features and benefits of a traditional in-ground lap pool without the hassles and expense typically associated with in-ground lap pools. In fact, customers generally stare at their fully assembled portable lap pool and marvel at just how easy it was to assemble.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable solution for your lap pool needs, then you really have come to the right place. We offer all the items you need, we provide accessories that no other portable pool provider can offer (even some nifty little features that traditional in-ground lap pool companies can not offer). We also offer you the ability to customize both the size, depth and color of your portable lap pool. So please, take some time to peruse our site and feel free to contact us toll-free at (855) 4EZ POOL.

If you consider the expense associated with creating a traditional in-ground lap pool, you can quickly see why they are so expensive. Between construction, labor costs, and all the landscaping needs, it really gets quite scary. But our portable pool design has eliminated all of that. In fact, you can purchase a portable pool package from us, assemble it and fill it for usually about 1/10th the cost associated with traditional in-ground lap pools of the same size. And it's all because the pool was designed to be portable.

But being portable does not mean you are giving up durability. Our American made portable lap pools are the most durable portable pool you can find. Made from USA based components, your portable lap pool will be there for many years to come.

Our portable pool design is also more flexible than traditional in-ground lap pools. And in a few cases, we have been able to go where a traditional in-ground lap pool could not. Such was the case of the Kleiner family in Florida. Their property was off a river and as such, they had a high water table (meaning, if they dug down more than a few feet, the water would start to seep up). The city would not allow them to put in a traditional lap pool. So they did a mixture of partially burying their EZ Lap Pool and building a deck up the rest of the way. In the end, they got what they needed and saved a lot of money as well. Tell us what we can do for you.
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