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Without a Doubt, the Easiest and Most Affordable Solution
for a Quality American-Made Lap Pool.

Portable swimming pools have been around for more than thirty years, and we were there from the very beginning. Yet in recent years, there has been a greater demand for portable lap pools primarily because of the rising costs of building a traditional-style in-ground lap pool. Because of our pool's amazing qualities, many customers are discovering they can own and maintain a portable lap pool for considerably less - in many cases for almost 1/10th the cost of traditional in-ground pool!!

Start with the Basics

Unlike all other types of swimming pools, our EZ Portable Pools can be placed right on top of any kind of level surface. This means from the very moment you receive your EZ Pool, you can simply unfold, snap a few parts together and start filling. This is important because the alternative can take months to get installed. But with a lap pool from EZ Pools, you can be swimming within hours from getting the package. And its very durable design means you won't have to worry about the grass, the kids, or the family dog either. With an infinite number of lap pool sizes (meaning we can modify any one of our existing pool packages to fit your needs) we are able to make you the right portable lap pool to fit your lap pool needs.

We can do Fancy Too

Now, if our portable lap pools can easily withstand being placed on the ground, it would stand to reason they can withstand being underground too. Yes that is no problem. Many customers are buying our lap pools, digging in to the ground, assemblying their EZ Pool, then building a deck afterwards. Giving them a look and feel of a traditional in-ground pool for a whole lot less money.

And, since we offer more portable pool accessories than all our competitors combined, we can provide you with many quality features and benefits of the much more expensive ol' fashioned in-ground pools. Whatever your needs are, you will quickly find we can help you do it for a whole lot less money.

We Not Only Saved this Customer $80,000 - We Saved His Life Too

In 2005, Paul was in a car accident and suffered damage to his spine. The kind of of damage that would impact his sitting for the rest of his life. After the accident, he was NOT able to sit for more than an hour at a time, and driving anywhere was a painful experience. Living in the Los Angeles area that is torture.

The only exercise that provided him any relief was swimming. Sadly though, LA traffic being what it is, by the time he would return from the local pool, he would be in pain again. So they started looking into their own lap pool.

There first choice was the Endless pool. A well made current-generating pool that fits in very small places. But because they lived on a hill, the only viable spot for this pool would have required them to reinforce the hill side - a $70,000 expense. They thought to save money by going with a regular pool, but still could not get around the reinforcement expense. Then they found our website. They quickly realized that they could not only get a custom pool to fit in some "dead space" on the side of their house - but that going with our portable lap pool design would save them even more.

They first called us and asked if we could make this custom size. We, of course, said "yes." Then they went about making improvements to the area. In effect, they created a whole new area in their yard for this custom portable EZ Pool. Cleared the area, poured concrete, put in nice fencing and lighting, and finished up with landscaping. In the end, they had a beautiful lap pool for less.

The above picture is taken from Google Earth and shows the pool on the narrow side of their yard.


About a year later, we were told that the pool saved his life. Unknown to both Paul and his wife, Paul almost had a heart attack. The stress brought on by the accident, the impact of the damage to his body and the stress of trying to treat the damage (and subsequent pain) along with the stress of just living in Los Angeles almost killed him.

The moment they installed the pool, he was able to swim as many times a day as he needed - without fighting traffic. This brought such a relief in his life, that his likelihood of a heart-attack virtually went away.

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